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Example Researcher Page

Each researcher in ReaSoN has their own page that visualizes the information that ReaSoN has about the particular researcher. This includes:

  • General information such as URL and current/previous affiliations
  • h-Index metrics for this researcher, calculated in several different ways
  • Tag cloud that shows the researcher's most used keywords
  • A pie chart showing several different metrics such as co-authorship, in what venues has the researcher participated the most, during which years have they been most active and in which pagerank percentiles do most of their papers fall in
  • A graph showing visibility / pagerank over time. This is calculated by counting the number of papers that are citing papers written by this researcher.



Example Organization Page

Each organization also has its own page showing various information about that organization:

  • General information such as name, location, URL
  • Visibility / pagerank over time which is calculated by looking at how many papers cite papers written by researchers that were associated with the organization at the time the paper was published.
  • List of researchers affiliated with the organization with links pointing to their pages



Example Keyword Page

For each keyword the following information can be seen:

  • A geographical view of the researchers that are using this keyword. Every pin on the map represents an organization where a paper with that keyword has been published. Clicking on the pin shows a list of researchers in that organization that have written papers with that keyword.
  • A table listing each paper in the ReaSoN database that is using the keyword as well as various information about the paper (authors, year, venue, pagerank, citation count)
  • A bar chart showing which venues use the keyword (click on tab "Top Venues Using kKyword")
  • Comparison of venues by their usage of the keyword (click on tab "Custom Venues Using Keyword")


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