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ReaSoN is an experimental prototype. The ReaSoN data is a static and stale collection; as such, ReaSoN does not actually represent the true publication record of the researchers included in its repository.

The ReaSoN (REesArcher SOcial Networks) Project

Social network analysis aims at uncovering and understanding the structures and patterns resulting from social interactions among individuals and organizations engaged in a common activity. Since the early days of the field, networks are modeled as graphs modeling social actors and the relations between them. The field has become very active with the maturity of computational machinery to handle large-scale graphs, and, more recently, the automated gathering of social data.

The motivation behind the ReaSoN project is to contribute to the understanding of the social networks underlying scientific research and to provide tools for fostering research activities.

ReaSoN offers a comprehensive set of tools for visualizing and exploring social networks resulting from academic research. You can use it to look for information on people, organizations and keywords, or to compare the impact of different venues and organizations, or to see the locations of a community's researchers.

ReaSoN is built on Annoki, the SSRG [1] extension of MediaWiki.


Eleni Stroulia -

Denilson Barbosa -

Veselin Ganev -

Zhaochen Guo -

Diego Serrano -

Brendan Tansey -


Ganev, V., Guo, Z., Serrano, D., Tansey, B., Barbosa, D., and Stroulia, E. 2009. An environment for building, exploring and querying academic social networks. In Proceedings of the international Conference on Management of Emergent Digital Ecosystems (France, October 27 - 30, 2009). MEDES '09. ACM, New York, NY, 282-289. DOI= (

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