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General information

Shows general information about the paper such as Title of the paper, Year during which the paper was published, Venue that the paper has been published in (if available), Area (e.g. software engineering/databases/etc.), Keywords that the paper has used and URL with more information about the paper


A graph visualizing how the pagerank of this paper changes over time. Uses the citations graph.


If an abstract for the paper is available it will be shown here.


Shows the papers that this paper has cited as well as the papers that cite this paper in a sortable table.

  • Title - the title of the paper
  • Authors - the researchers that have worked on the paper, with links to their pages (the current researcher's name is in bold)
  • Year - the year during which the paper was published
  • Venue - the venue that the paper appears in
  • Pagerank - the pagerank bracket that the paper falls in during the latest year (2008 currently)
  • Cited by - total number of other papers citing this paper

Social Net

Displays an interactive visualization of the relationships between this paper and other entities in the ReaSoN database. You can click on any node in the social net to expand it.

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