fAR-Play lets you make Augmented reality games. Simply set up a game, make a Layar, place your points of interest and go.



Browse your game and others' online and track progress



Use Layar to play your game on smartphones.

fAR-Play Overview

fAR-Play lets you create virtual treasure hunt and scavenger hunt games to be played through Layar on smartphones. Using the fAR-Play system, Hoppala and Layar you can easily create a game that anyone with an iPhone or an Android phone can play. fAR-Play also lets you use QR tags for Points of Interest placed inside and lets you set up multiple choices questions to unlock points of Interest.

You can read more about fAR-Play in our paper on IEEE here.

Gameplay Features

fAR-Play lets you create augmented reality games

  • Games are easy to set up.
  • Games can be played on either iPhone or Android.
  • fAR-Play lets users learn while exploring outside.