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Example 1: Simple query (Reason)
Example 2: Simple query (Facebook)
Example 3: Papers of a researcher
Example 4: Citations to a paper
Example 5: Paper and associated venue
Example 6: Coauthors of a researcher
Example 7: Name(Reason) and Birthday(FB) - merging external data
Example 8: Citations to a article only in 2002
Example 9: Affiliations of Eleni before 1998
Example 10: Map query
Example 11: Organizations that contain 'National'
Example 12: Simple query to DBpedia (remote)
Example 13: Abstract(DBpedia) - Url(Reason) - merging external data
Example 14: Same as #13 but with condition on Reason side
Example 16: DBpedia and Reason optimized
Example 17: Facebook and Reason optimized
Example 18: Optimization without 'Reason'
Example 21: PATH relationship
Example 22: Ontologies
Example 23: ORDER BY
Example 23: FILTER BY

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